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After school lesson advice please!

Started by dizzl

major changes in downloading--please vote!!!

Started by Merryone

Camden vs Chuck Norris - who'd win?

Started by gidget

The end is near!

Started by Happyhan

80's dating videos...Just some fun for your Thursday

Started by Irishcailin

Glyphosate: why is this not banned?

Started by some waygug-in

Beginner ballet classes in Seoul?

Started by Winny

TALK placement?

Started by ab2rown

Baby chicks

Started by ovid

Test Proctor in Seoul?

Started by dereklee003

Help with my phone?? Please!

Started by mich

English Classroom

Started by sbbaas

Braces in Korea

Started by BreatheAdventure

TOEFL Testing

Started by nancy

Farting and poop-themed books and shows

Started by noles1970

what 's the best thing to do if you loose your phone or have it stolen?

Started by Waygookingumisi

Korean Lessons for GEPIK teachers

Started by danitravels

Dummy anti-aircraft guns used to defend Seoul.

Started by jackdaniels

Daejeon football (soccer) team - players needed!

Started by wajowens

Creative guitar techniques

Started by Jrong

The beauty queen criticized for not being Japanese enough

Started by lee233

Any pool/billiards players here?

Started by KINwithaG

Any Stargate fans?

Started by Morticae

Skydiving in Namwon

Started by fasterisbest

Man locked in a cage for 11 years by his own mother

Started by newb

Sport for foreigners....soccer/football mostly

Started by Redvers

thinking about investing when I get home

Started by denimdaze

changes anyone?

Started by KiddieCAT

Why does the consulate/immigration want so many sealed transcripts?

Started by TiffanyI

Power point templates

Started by snowwalrus

does this sound suspect or is it just me

Started by QTEE

phone numbers and students

Started by ACofOntario

Korean teachers paying MAJOR coin to work at a school.

Started by noles1970

Enjoy Busan but try not to burn it to the ground...

Started by GiftofGab

Dave's ESL forums DOWN

Started by ISangHae

Internet bullies

Started by WorkingTitle3484

What Master's Degree Do You Have

Started by Eggs

Youtube alternative. Fight censorship!

Started by hangook77

Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967 - 2014)

Started by Der Lehrer

Mediafire and online classes

Started by shhowse


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