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Does anyone watch NASCAR?

Started by kmg7721

Calling all accents!

Started by okapifire

Florida-Korea License

Started by Marlins71

Church Service

Started by kiwiandkimchi

Help : Grammar check

Started by Paik Gunho

2011 Books...No English

Started by smithdoi

Coughing up phlegm

Started by BTeacher

Major (but resolved) Medical Issues and getting a job

Started by bpcoxkr

Where to buy a wok in Korea?

Started by cornflakes

korean tourist visa

Started by pmotamedi

Grammar question: strange use of "but"

Started by glitterstarbeau

Cuddly cat needs a good home <3

Started by yankees1477

Free English Books in Korea!

Started by AnthonyTeacher

Koreans might be onto something: MRSA and how Garlic, Onions may kill it off

Started by RandomTask

Problems with Gas cooker.

Started by UKsimon

Random question: Saxophone?

Started by Scott2hotty

I changed my Waygook name

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Best way to sell Iphone 4

Started by DashGlobal

Funny immigration video

Started by Fanwarrior

Welcome Back, Waygook!

Started by sojuadventurer

Yanny or Laurel, which do you hear?

Started by T.J.

Sell me you Lonely Planet India??

Started by paekaklynch

Adopted Koreans

Started by tikleme_elmo

Need antibiotics for a Tooth Infection!

Started by benolsoe

To those of you who don't know cricket. Two words - Chris Gayle!

Started by Hongsam

Korea Times: "Fearless stoned rabbits"

Started by pjst

Essential Comedy for teachers of EFL

Started by Thomas Mc

Static shocks everyday in Korea

Started by redsoup

Is there an easy way to prepare a pomegranate?

Started by consentient

Gestures make it easier to learn a language, researchers discover

Started by L I

christmas dinner on jeju

Started by davidb

If you leave slightly before your 6th month, can you keep most of your EPIK $?

Started by wazure

a child is born without a sex

Started by stoat

a good laugh!

Started by Merryone

Peter's Grab and Run!

Started by popeye2u


Started by Andy84

National Pension

Started by fuzzyGrEeNlover

Is this an insult or a compliment?

Started by teacher2004

I just got paroled!

Started by travis1983

SHIFT is happening in North Korea

Started by Jayne


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