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What was your first car?

Started by jackdaniels

Top 10 soon to be obsolete technologies

Started by joseph921

MOVED: Food - Looking for peppermint extract and food dye

Started by jackdaniels

MOVED: Ever have this issue with your coteachers?

Started by taeyang

White House Approves of "BLACK BOX" in new cars

Started by sleepmice

MOVED: DANGERS of Cloud Storage: Be WARNED

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Why I Love Joe Rogan

Started by taeyang

2012 Year in Review - Best and Worst

Started by joseph921

UN passes vote to recognize Palestine as a non-member observer state

Started by Frozencat99

Why so much "grr, Amurika"?

Started by TheWB18

People with Kids live LONGER Lives new studies show

Started by cornflakes

Why You DON'T talk to the Police!

Started by athe226

Korean American Dies a Grisly, Controversial Death in NYC Subway

Started by Lakewood

Holiday gifts for your family back home?

Started by salinecjr

What kind of online courses/studies are you doing?

Started by rokdav

The jobs ARE NOT disappearing....(Just in Seoul)

Started by hhh123

Google nexus 7

Started by waygook4life

How Would the World Look If China Were the Most Powerful Country?

Started by jaysoon17

Frustrated over difficulties in my life

Started by Frozencat99

One of the best speeches you'll ever hear....

Started by gookway

Another Penn State Scandal?

Started by lee233

Paws for Thought: Driving Dogs

Started by flasyb

Pretend to be gay for Jesus?

Started by TheWB18

LG U plus lost my paperwork??

Started by kimchikiwi

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

Started by Jrong

For the writers

Started by hwacks

What's your favourite viral video?

Started by gclancy

Would you rather......

Started by joseph921

Is it time to leave Korea?

Started by L I

Little Things in LIFE That Make Make You Go 'Meh'

Started by JeremyC

did anyone catch this story about that canadian kid who killed herself?

Started by wrinklebump

What's the best place in the world (for Americans) to start an English Academy?

Started by Jrong

Heater suggestions?

Started by 한소로

Wellington, NZ, Changes Name To 'Middle of Middle-Earth' for world premier

Started by JeremyC

New York crime free for a day

Started by TheWB18

Is there anyone who speak spanish?

Started by 2forim

This is so mean but so funny!

Started by Jrong

Agree or Disagree?

Started by cornflakes

US says China not a currency manipulator

Started by thunderlips

MOVED: English language schools for Koreans in North America?

Started by taeyang


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