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Review of Arrival Store. - I loved having a phone !

Started by janet1992

Guitar Luthier

Started by EvilToast

pencils without erasers

Started by a87

Erica Goldson's Graduation Speech

Started by namerae

Health Care Reform Upheld

Started by ahess.wisc


Started by iamrhart

Korea invented pizza......no for real :)

Started by unknownx

MOVED: El Clasico!!!

Started by taeyang

MOVED: kids just refusing to listen to you

Started by taeyang

Robbing a bank.

Started by Wintermute

Positive Expat Influence

Started by remainer12

Why can't some people be less like they are and more like I want them to be

Started by mxm407

Possible U.S.A. government shutdown

Started by Engrish

Question regarding paperwork and gov. shutdown (probably for fellow Americans!)

Started by abbeykaye.raa

MOVED: Cycling Rage- Any particular laws I should know about?

Started by taeyang

FBI Criminal background check, DELAYED because of US GOVERNMENT Shutdown

Started by jmmcintosh

Radioactive Wasps!!!

Started by Wintermute

Look at these kids... wow..

Started by GoCyclones

I want to make music.

Started by L I

Beware the microwave!!

Started by Frozencat99

Not High School Students

Started by Wintermute

Dog Rescue: Anyone Flying Nonstop to Chicago/Detroit?

Started by heshen24

Student suspended for stopping a knife-wielding bully

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Share: Weird, cool, and maybe awkward video

Started by Arsalan Lavang

How often do you visit home?

Started by andrucer

UK Residency certificate and tax exemption.

Started by joeyg

South African Teachers. Would you mind answer a few question about teaching?

Started by engbrand

Koreans acting Korean in Kor...err America

Started by gtrain83

...Because I don't understand hashtags...this is funny

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

Help a cat get to his forever home- need courier to Seattle, New York, or Boston

Started by Aohk


Started by ave, lucifer

Feeling sick. Need help with an experiment

Started by iamrhart

Chuseok fruit

Started by distanthunder

International School pay scales?

Started by jebckr

Used car dealer warranty?

Started by kam1nsk1

Hanjin Express

Started by LAJenney

Teaching Math and Science in English - Advice Please

Started by trava_illa

Myers Briggs Foreigners

Started by Chadwickhhs

One word for you guys/girls

Started by iamrhart

Most Sensical Words in the English Language

Started by BTeacher


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