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MOVED: graduate school, am I still a state resident?

Started by taeyang

Passport valid for less than 6 months - what would you do?

Started by Freeto

MOVED: EPIK: Leaving: Finish Strong? or Don't Give a Poo?

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

MOVED: Things i(you) wish i (you) said, but didnt (Co-Teacher/Life rant)

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Appropriate vs. Inappropriate: Where do you draw the line in class?

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Subsidized airfare for Korean War Vets and their family?

Started by jebckr

MOVED: Seoul facebook groups

Started by taeyang

Bali Businesses Ban Annoying Korean Tourists

Started by Space

If you are sick, GET THE FLU SHOT

Started by spidertao

Do people know when to use...ellipses?

Started by BTeacher

A happy story for the week...

Started by abbeykaye.raa

First Snow!

Started by jackdaniels

Should the US and Canada merge into one country?

Started by KaizenCanadian

Tina Turner ‘relinquishes’ U.S. citizenship

Started by grajoker

Donations for the Philippines right here in Korea

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Donations for the Philippines official links (feel free to add links)

Started by jackdaniels

Suspicious Butt-Clenching and the War on Drugs

Started by Frozencat99

What's the dumbest thing a kid has cried about?

Started by jebckr

Peanut Allergy: Asia vs. West

Started by 83travelinman

Is anyone interested in video editing for music videos?

Started by alex_sawyer


Started by Socrates2080

Nestlé goes nuclear on Hershey

Started by Freeto

Haunted House eCard...WHERE ARE YOU???!!!

Started by Jaunter

Teaching assistant accidentally attaches nude photos and sends to students (USA)

Started by GoCyclones

I lost my directors phone....

Started by bcourser

Review of Arrival Store. - I loved having a phone !

Started by janet1992

Guitar Luthier

Started by EvilToast

pencils without erasers

Started by a87

Erica Goldson's Graduation Speech

Started by namerae

Health Care Reform Upheld

Started by ahess.wisc


Started by iamrhart

Korea invented pizza......no for real :)

Started by unknownx

MOVED: El Clasico!!!

Started by taeyang

MOVED: kids just refusing to listen to you

Started by taeyang

Robbing a bank.

Started by Wintermute

Positive Expat Influence

Started by remainer12

Why can't some people be less like they are and more like I want them to be

Started by mxm407

Possible U.S.A. government shutdown

Started by Engrish

Question regarding paperwork and gov. shutdown (probably for fellow Americans!)

Started by abbeykaye.raa

MOVED: Cycling Rage- Any particular laws I should know about?

Started by taeyang


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