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I can't find the picture clock game - please help me.

Started by AC_in_Korea

Respect ...

Started by GrenWhit

Water shut-off in Siheung....

Started by jon-anon

Mods moving topics, especially relating to Life in Korea/ General Discussion...

Started by Danihel

'Foreign English teachers necessary'

Started by amoonbot

Teachers Are People Too

Started by CMTC

How to buy water online?

Started by kiwikimchi

New GET Guide

Started by Dinkymoo

Traveller's Cheques

Started by mishabee

Conjoined twins 'Abby & Brittany' get their own reality show

Started by jackdaniels

Where can I find places to rent / advertise for accomodation in Seoul?

Started by jamespstyles

NH Internet Banking Problems

Started by Tentacle

In your Home Country or in Asia?

Started by Foreverparadise

Home coffee roasting. Collective bean buying anyone?

Started by bb

ven diagram

Started by hankmcmasters

Shipping boxes to the United States

Started by ltyrpak


Started by samuelmp

Text book recommendations (Academic Writing)

Started by Anor Londo

American student kidnapped to be English teacher in North Korea

Started by Aurata

New born baby rescued from toilet pipe.

Started by Koenji

Cricket Fans

Started by Rusty Shackleford

Training works....my co-teacher improved a lot.

Started by SpaceRook

Fair price for a fixed gear bike?

Started by drunkenfud

How did you meet?

Started by Mlatte

STB Box/ Decoder in Korea

Started by Krokkenoster

Advice needed please

Started by kiekie87

Difficult to distinguish sincere social justice activism from parody

Started by CDW

Olympic hockey?

Started by leopard

US Passport Renewal by Mail

Started by jrwhite82

Jeolla province - climate advice?

Started by taebaekluke

people who gripe about music are mostly rock fans

Started by stoat

DMOE sponsored Tesol

Started by hamburglar

English test scores

Started by Lever

Does anyone know how to 'grade' your coteacher?

Started by rougerue

Facial Profiling

Started by CDW

No Toilet, No Cry

Started by JeremyC

US Election - Absentee voting

Started by loswillyams

exam proctors

Started by KimKeisung

SNL(Saturday Night Live) Korea

Started by munchkin

How often do you ____? plan

Started by Alex M


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