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Perhaps the wildest basketball shot you'll see...

Started by GoCyclones

MOVED: Thundersnow storm

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: korail rant

Started by JeremyC

PRIMARK now available with free worldwide shipping!!!!!!

Started by dlow88

Gym tips

Started by Blast Hardcheese

MOVED: Christmas songs

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

MOVED: A Research Project about non-Koreans studying Korean: please take our survey

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

MOVED: Guns Korean

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

MOVED: What do you think about K-Pop?

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

MOVED: Looking for a middle school to do a Cultural Exchange!

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

MOVED: Bar Preferences Survey

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

MOVED: "Would You Rather" game, best way to get them talking

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Korea sending help to the Philippines!

Started by jackdaniels

Any experience getting an online teachers degree?

Started by kimchi4me

I still would not trade places with these kids...

Started by AfroBurrito

Nottingham University PGCEi useful?

Started by mr

Who are some of these weirdos making powerpoints?

Started by nethie

China military sends air patrols through new defense zone

Started by jackdaniels

Doing a masters in Education while working in Korea? (Framingham University)

Started by jsotoronto

Bad air from underground

Started by popeye2u

Help - Feeling Blue & Reaching Out

Started by zyx321

Happy Thanksgiving!

Started by theory_

"The Knock-out Game" in the USA

Started by GoCyclones

Teen Charged for Korean Student Murder in Brisbane, Australia

Started by Englishologist

Small animal adoptions

Started by amy1021

George Zimmerman charged with felony after allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend

Started by jackdaniels

MOVED: Question from a Coteacher

Started by taeyang

Man, unhappy with ex-wife, buys house next to her and...

Started by jackdaniels

MOVED: graduate school, am I still a state resident?

Started by taeyang

Passport valid for less than 6 months - what would you do?

Started by Freeto

MOVED: EPIK: Leaving: Finish Strong? or Don't Give a Poo?

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

MOVED: Things i(you) wish i (you) said, but didnt (Co-Teacher/Life rant)

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Appropriate vs. Inappropriate: Where do you draw the line in class?

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Subsidized airfare for Korean War Vets and their family?

Started by jebckr

MOVED: Seoul facebook groups

Started by taeyang

Bali Businesses Ban Annoying Korean Tourists

Started by Space

If you are sick, GET THE FLU SHOT

Started by spidertao

Do people know when to use...ellipses?

Started by BTeacher

A happy story for the week...

Started by abbeykaye.raa

First Snow!

Started by jackdaniels


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