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Do you always wear protection?

Started by theman3285

Seattle's "Autonomous Zone"

Started by 745sticky

Korean girl explains why westerners living in Asia are losers

Started by CDW

Should Covid-19 be named after point of origin?

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Itch.io MASSIVE Indie game (and more) bundle

Started by meghan493

Tabletop Gaming

Started by MelnothOfTheDarkFlame

Is there only 20 active users in this forum?

Started by KimDuHan

How to convert Han document to Microsoft office


My American friend just became a real estate agent!

Started by SPQR


Started by Cohort 2019


Started by Cohort 2019

RIP Ravi Zacharias

Started by fruitloops

First conditional intonation

Started by Patty Fisher

What gender are you?

Started by L I

How will China repay the World?

Started by Colburnnn

What age demographic are you?

Started by L I

Has the ruling party in Canada been bought by the CCP?

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Strangest One-room / apartment layouts

Started by Kyndo

Just for fun: What was your first/favorite/right before you started teaching job

Started by nightninja

Greatest TV Show and Character

Started by Liechtenstein

Why Aren't We Starting Up School?

Started by fruitloops

win a Million pound home in England...featured on the BBC

Started by benelux

Top 5 Guitarists...as far as we know (accusitic and electric)

Started by NorthStar

Best Sports Teams of All Time

Started by Liechtenstein

Favourite South Park episode

Started by Aristocrat

Sending Gifts to Family/Friends Back Home

Started by nightninja

My 2 1 2 2 Proposal

Started by fruitloops

Quote Men are attracted to women who look like this (LI)

Started by stoat

Republicans want $850 Billion bailout

Started by Cohort 2019

Jay Leno's Garage and other car chat

Started by Ronnie Omelettes

Thing I wish I could tell my co-teacher

Started by ladyrhavyn

You know you live in a safe city when .......

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

WTF is going on with the USA and Coronavirus?

Started by SPQR

Post your fitness/training routine

Started by Aristocrat

Receiving remittances from abroad (nonghyup bank)

Started by janelikken

Diggin' the Lock Down

Started by Liechtenstein

Just received my corona virus check from irs

Started by thunderlips

CCTV in South Korea - Less? More?

Started by Swervy96

Trump's arroganace hits new high...or low

Started by Liechtenstein

Some Schools Decide Closed for the Rest of the Year (U.S.)

Started by fruitloops


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