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Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Who won WWII?

Started by Taal

Does the KEB Visa check card work in S Africa?

Started by Mel123

Live with a student??

Started by Harry Yeong

Chuseok Dates

Started by tommypatt

High School Teachers

Started by Meg Martin

Why is everyone suddenly a yoga master/"artist"/etc....???

Started by goducks

Korean Import Duties

Started by koreanexperience

Lost phone, pls help

Started by English Mike

guide to creating a korail membership

Started by hankmcmasters

Online masters with lower entrance requirements

Started by obwannabe

pregnant and scared

Started by whatamidoing

Have you ever dealt with really nosy/rude co-workers at your school?

Started by Say what?!

Any ladies near Daejeon wanna go on a date with me?

Started by ljrobs

Do you know any orphanages in Seoul?

Started by bmym80

a strange thing just happened....

Started by mollybloom

Kindergartener Who Compulsively Plays with her Genitals in Class

Started by JamericanTeacher

Do Korean phones work in the UK?

Started by SUTIIVE


Started by penny

Skipping a deskwarming day...

Started by ACofOntario

Holy Smokes! FREE Taxi rides. Up to 30 times!

Started by yourboychris

Snubbed at parent's school ceremony

Started by gookway

People managing

Started by freckleswin

Lest We Forget

Started by LIC

Pedestrian right of way

Started by Peekay1982

KEB Bank ATM Question

Started by ChicagoBrian

World's happiest countries

Started by SanderB

Found an interesting article on the "Over protection of children."

Started by CO2


Started by thunderlips

Question to North Americans, or anyone who has completed an MA online

Started by olonergan

Indian citizens now eligible for EPIK

Started by theman3285

101 Uses for Kim-Chi

Started by Ectofuego

My dog died

Started by Cereal

Food for thought...

Started by Hongsam

Bicycle Shops in Ulsan

Started by Romink3n

What's the best luck you've ever had?

Started by NMonk

Any high school dropouts floating around?

Started by bosun

Shipping costs to he UK

Started by abalam

Was Adam Smith really a "Capitalist"??

Started by Lee Jal Seng


Started by travish65742


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