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Daily limit on withdrawing money?

Started by e9s

Political Compass

Started by Frozencat99

Off Shoot: "Art is dead"?

Started by loswillyams

Free On-line Traning Classes

Started by amandaz

Documentary on Chinese Pollution Causes Stir

Started by Thomas Mc

Crazy English

Started by kneukels

Curtains (or alternative) for Sleep Deprivation

Started by IcyAaron

Animal Shelter Volunteer Work in Seoul

Started by kimikox16

How many teachers do you share an office with? What's the environment like?

Started by Bump

Dramacrazy blocked?!

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Esl teachers are losers?!?!

Started by KimDuHan

Grammar Gurus, Help Please?!?

Started by JamericanTeacher

I have a great building manager!

Started by Morticae

leaving without paying for phone.

Started by Taniwha

Possible U.S.A. government shutdown

Started by Engrish

present for co-teacher

Started by samplerplatter


Started by SanderB

Why do students think I'm so much older than I am?

Started by lillellis

The Gays Have Infiltrated Our Video Games

Started by derbear86

English words that are not English!!

Started by KimDuHan

Who objectifies who?

Started by Fraulion

Gift for the security ajosshis?

Started by Freeto

Too little work ??

Started by kiekie87

Korea no 57 in the world!

Started by sleepy

US GPA to UK grading.

Started by tails

Korea - Land of the eternal scolding

Started by HurricaneJ

What will you bring home?

Started by rebecca.meiers

huge scale of social media misogyny

Started by eggieguffer

Sending international fax from Seoul

Started by mareena

Book club: North Korean human rights

Started by jgroh

Stuff My Co-Teacher/s Said.

Started by Chalkie

Tips for staying awake after lunch?

Started by Brennand

university employment.

Started by sleepyinseoul

Whats better for gyopo's?

Started by jwoon

Where is the www.whypaymore.co.kr actual office in Seoul?

Started by kiwikimchi

Is there a GEPIK orientation for people who are new or new to their school?

Started by Andrea152

Got nicknames for your P and VP?

Started by expertamateur

Weirdest Pizza Toppings

Started by bb

Is it possible to simultaneously apply to EPIK, GEPIK and SMOE?

Started by dadaclonefly

movie/show for 45 min middle school

Started by duchessrachel


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