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Stock Trading Contest

Started by mharmontennis

MOVED: A certified Proctor in Seoul

Started by Yaya

Time to repeal the second amendment?

Started by jjalan87

Police officer shoots man to death in Cincinnati traffic stop

Started by CDW

Jaden Smith Thread: Getting answers to your dumb questions.

Started by ChickenLegsMcGee

MOVED: Walking on a phone contract

Started by Yaya

How was your vacation (If you had one)

Started by ChickenLegsMcGee

Let's fix a few things.

Started by kevingrabb

US SK trade deficit.

Started by jduffy1

MOVED: Has anyone fallen victim to the "Let's study! Just kidding I want sex!"

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Theater Acting Auditions

Started by taeyang

Fantasy Football - looking for a 12 player standard league

Started by andrefreedom

MOVED: Where to travel to with a 2 year old in South East Asia? Advice Needed Please!

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Online Master's Degree

Started by taeyang

Moyes in or out?

Started by redleader123

Sounds Like Someone Has A Case Of The Mondays...

Started by Hot6^

MOVED: Not sure if I reacted properly

Started by Yaya

Dog Training and Grooming by Australian

Started by AlaricKorea

MOVED: Help? Insane homesickness!

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Could this K-pop add to student + teacher inappropriate relations

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Foreigners Who Speak Korean Amazingly Well

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta on PS4

Started by taeyang

What do you think is acceptable speech on this site?

Started by englishrose

Any american a notary in Seoul

Started by bmym80

Parents "prank" kids to show the dangers of social media.

Started by lee233

Prominent BLM leader outed as white?

Started by CDW

Please help me advocate against forced HIV testing in Korea!

Started by jmkeralis

MOVED: Severe depression and anxiety - anyone familar with certain drugs or therapies.

Started by taeyang

Article on Canadian English

Started by MORGOTH_the_DarkElf

"No muslims" says Slovakia

Started by Kliuchevskoi

MOVED: Deokjeok Party Island 2015 - Level 2 (Firewater Frenzy)

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Anyone interested in playing Fantasy Football in Seoul?

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Lunch time at public schools

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Food Presents!

Started by taeyang

I want to crossdress

Started by Blushing

MOVED: How to get rid of old furniture

Started by taeyang

Air Con Question

Started by dukie

MOVED: Internet censorship in South Korea

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Too many employees

Started by taeyang


Started by YoungMin


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