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Superstitions Lesson (Upper Elementary - Middle School)
« on: December 12, 2012, 07:44:58 am »
Here is a superstitions lesson I put together with inspiration from other Waygooker's posts. I have a couple different activities in the power point so feel free to mix up or delete whatever makes your lesson better. I start by hangman-ing the word 'superstition' and then elicit what it means from students. Then, I test their knowledge on good luck/bad luck superstitions from the US. There are a couple different activities you can do after that. I plan on having them brainstorm some Korean superstitions, which we will write on the board, and then I will challenge them to pick one and translate the name of the superstition and any story that goes along with it into English. Then, they will present their translation to the class. The best translation and explanation will get a prize.

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Re: Superstitions Lesson (Upper Elementary - Middle School)
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Thank you! :)