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Re: Help me decide where to teach
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Nobody has said Gwangju yet !!   By far the best City in Korea for good Korean food and culture.  With a population of 1.5 million people its not too huge, busy and over populated.  An hour to the coast and access to thousands of islands for weekend camping trips.  Gwangu has everything to offer for a small Korean City.

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Re: Help me decide where to teach
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Another option: Jinju (Gyeongsangnam-do).

An hour from good mountains (Jirisan National Park and mainland Korea's tallest mountain--tons of good hikes in the area, including waterfalls, rivers and temples). Less than an hour from the southern coast. Great transportation hub for traveling all around Korea. Population of around 350,000 (large enough to not feel isolated, small enough to not be over-run with Western/foreign chains and restaurants). A river running through the city, including over 17km (one-way) of beautiful cycling/running/walking paths and picnic places. A huge lake at the western side of town. An hour and a half to Busan when you're in the mood for an escape to the big city. Some of the cleanest air in all of Korea. Direct buses and trains to most (larger) places. A nice group of foreigners who spend most weekends hiking and rock climbing and camping and the like.

Of course, I'm biased :)