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(Thursday, March 2nd to Friday March 10th)
*** Can turn into full-time work with a one year contract***

Great Positions in Seoul!! (E-2 Only)
(Geumcheon-gu Office Station, Line 1 AND one position in Anyang)
Hours: MWF 2-8:20 (class from 3-8:20) TTH 3-8:20 (class from 4-8:20)
Pay: 650/ week
Contract Pay: 2.2-2.5, depending on experience.
Requirements for subsitute: Show up!
Requirements for contract: 2 years teaching experience (in-class TEFL preferred)
Benefits: 2 weeks vacation plus national holidays, severance equal to one month’s pay, national pension, insurance, return airfare (if returning home).
Other details: Elementary to middle (No kindy). Average class size of 8. Curriculum very easy to use and all classrooms have a touchscreen digital blackboard. New building with good restaurants and convenience store beside it. No phone teaching or extra classes, no dress code.

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