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10 Day Harry Potter Camp - Day 8 (Charms)
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Day 8 - Charms (Actions)

Charms Battle - Same as the Happy Bunnies game. Divide students into two teams. Teams take turns choosing a square on the grid. If Harry is underneath, they get to steal someone from the other team. If Voldemort is underneath, the student has to go to the other team. At the end, everyone on the biggest team gets a point for their House.

Charmed Objects Race - Relay race. Each team has two baskets, one with action cards (at the starting point) and one with object cards (at the opposite end of the room). Students draw an action card, then they retrieve an object card from the other end of the room while doing that action there and back. When they get back, they write down their charmed object (e.g., dancing pencil.) Teams race to finish first.

Charms Mystery Box - A combination of the basic mystery box game and the higher/lower game. Teams take turns guessing the price of each item, with the teacher saying higher or lower until one team gets the correct answer. This team then chooses to keep what's in the mystery box or give it to another team. We used the plastic gold coins again to keep track of points. (We didn't have time for this on Day 2, so I modified and used it for Day 8.)

Silent Charms - Basic hot seat game. Divide the students into two teams. One member of each team sits facing away from the screen. The rest of the team does charades to get their team member to guess what is on the screen. The student who guesses it first gets the point.
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10 Day Harry Potter Camp - Day 9 (Transfiguration)
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Day 9 - Transfiguration (Compound Words & Opposites)

Word Chain Race - Relay race. Each team has a set of plastic eggs. Each egg has a word taped to the top half and a word taped to the bottom half. The words have symbols next to them, but they aren't matched correctly. Team members take turns retrieving eggs in a spoon. They then put the eggs together by matching the symbols, which creates a compound word. They then write this word on the paper link with the corresponding symbol. They put the links in order according to the words they have in common (e.g., airline, lineman, manpower, powerhouse) and make a paper chain. Teams race to finish first.

Opposites Quidditch - Teacher shows a word on the screen. One member of each team comes to the front and whispers the opposite word to the teacher. If they get it right, they get a point (again, we used the gold plastic coins) and the chance to bounce a ping-pong ball through the Quidditch hoop. If they make it, they get another point.

I made the Quidditch hoop using a paper plate, paper cup, and chopstick all taped together and covered with lots of tinfoil. Not the most beautiful creation on the planet...but it got the job done.  :wink:

Opposites Memory - Basic card matching game. Played in groups. Each group gets a set of cards, which they spread out face down on the desk. They take turns turning over two cards. If the cards are a match (if they're opposites), they keep the cards. Player with the most cards wins.
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10 Day Harry Potter Camp - Day 10 (Graduation from Hogwarts)
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Day 10 - Graduation from Hogwarts

Battle of Hogwarts - Missions game. Each team has a set of missions (various puzzles and activities) in a basket. They draw one, complete it, and bring it to the teacher. If it's correct, they choose another mission. Teams race to finish first. This took up the entire first period.

Hogwarts Feast - During the second period, the students made bingsu using frozen milk, red bean paste, fruit cocktail, and other ingredients. I didn't make a specific PPT for this because my co-teacher took the lead on it. While they ate their bingsu, I gave the students points for their book lists and tallied the final points for the House Cup.

House Cup - At the end of camp, each student received a certificate and a paper ribbon, according to which place they received in the House competition. For House Cup prizes, I made a Hogwarts badge for each student in the winning House (I wore one on my hat throughout camp and the kids all liked it and wanted it, so I decided it would make a good prize).
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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Several simple science experiments for potions class.

Make a laval lamp
- You only need water, oil, food colouring and a vitamin C tablet. Make sure you use the branded tablets. My CoT got a cheaper version and it didn't work. The photos are from when we did it the second time with the branded tablets.

Underwater fireworks
- Simple experiment with water, oil and food colouring.

Skittles rainbows
- Mix hot water and skittles. Again it doesn't work with the non-branded sweets.
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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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I took all the ideas from this post and made a WORKBOOK~!

I didn't use ALL of the ideas and lessons because my school is doing a camp for 2 weeks. My coteacher and I are teaching 2 classes, but she's taking over one class and i'm taking over the other. So I only planned out one lesson for 10 days.

Let me know if there are any errors or something.

p.s. you might need to download the fonts for the file to work... I tried uploading the fonts, but the website doesn't allow that kind of file.

I downloaded the fonts from this website.

Your workbook is really great and we are blessed you took the time to put it together - thank you  ;D