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Title: Wheel of Fortune
Post by: Duchess on July 09, 2009, 02:54:24 pm
After a while of playing Hangman in the traditional sense, I've decided to make it a bit more 'modern' by making a simple power point presentation adapted to look like "Wheel of Fortune".

I used this as a review before final exams with my middle school students (ie: the language that they were supposed to learn are the answers).

Now I'm pretty low tech, but was able to manage to make the 'tiles' appear when you click on them.  To change the words, just change the letters in the tiles.  Add or delete where needed.

As for the spinner, I went low tech and used a big piece of card board on which I traced a large circle.  I then made the individual money slots (including bankrupt and lose a turn) and added color to it.  I then had the kids use a paper clip held down by a pen as a spinner (the pen goes into one of the holes on the paper clip and you 'flick' the paper clip).  Tah-dah, low tech spinner.

Of course the kids got really into it. Although more time consuming on the preparation end, it was worth it.