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Title: shipping pets to korea
Post by: brandedbutterfly on August 27, 2014, 12:03:26 am
So I've been living in Korea for about 6 months so far. Originally, I only planned to stay for a year and my fiancÚ back in America was keeping our two cats. But then my fiancÚ came to visit me here and he fell in love with South Korea just as much as I have, and so now our plans have changed to stay here for a couple more years. This leaves us in quite a bind regarding our cats. Right now they're staying with my sister, but they're driving her crazy and I know she won't keep them much longer. I've arranged for them to be shipped to Korea using a pet shipping service, but the closer it gets to time for their flight, the more nervous I get about them flying. It's such a long flight and I've only really heard horror stories about pets flying on airplanes.

Does anyone have any experience with bringing animals from America to Korea? Any advice?