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Title: language school jobs? NOT hagwon!
Post by: bird212 on October 22, 2013, 09:04:40 am
So I know that certain students can apply for and test into certain high schools, such as language or science high schools.  Do the language high schools hire NETs and does anybody have information about how to find these jobs?  Right now I'm with EPIK but for next year if possible I'd like to try a more advanced language high school.  I have a teaching license from the US and specialized in teaching a foreign language.
Title: Re: language school jobs? NOT hagwon!
Post by: probablylauren on October 22, 2013, 11:18:31 am
If these schools are public, then the entity in charge of those schools' normal hiring is the one who hires. (i.e. EPIK/SMOE etc)

I currently work at a specialized science high school and was hired by SMOE in the normal batch hiring.

However these specialized schools often have the specific positions advertised on the SMOE website, as well as here (there is a SMOE user account that posts jobs here). Usually because they are looking for specific degrees or qualifications (i.e. one of the science high schools wanted a teacher with a degree in Science who could teach science through English for this year).

In regards to the language high schools (by language I mean the english specialized high schools) I did read some information lately that said those high schools will have their NSETs phased out at the end of this year/in this past August.

What foreign language are you specialized in? I do know some schools that have Chinese NSETs as well as Spanish. However, again- they are probably more looking for the NSETs rather than a teacher just specialized in teaching it (but maybe you are a native speaker), or have Korean-trained teachers to teach it . But it is possible, even in more ordinary schools and not just language high schools, to find a school that has languages other than English being taught.
Title: Re: language school jobs? NOT hagwon!
Post by: bird212 on October 22, 2013, 12:04:17 pm
Well I could do English or Spanish but didn't think there would be much Spanish demand...My degree/teaching license is in secondary ed for foreign language/Spanish and ESL.  Wow so disappointing that they are phasing out NETs!!