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Title: Illnesses/Injuries
Post by: adfletch83 on November 20, 2012, 01:19:50 pm

This is a class that I adapted for my open class. I won't take any credit for everything as I got some of the ideas/material off here and adapted it. It followed my class on idioms, so I review some of the idioms form the previous class, then introduce 4 more about injury (Break a Leg, Under the Weather etc), so feel free to delete.

Show PPT, elicit vocabulary, watch video.
Worksheet Task one - fill in the blanks
Give answers (on PPT)
Worksheet Task 2
Give answers (on PPT)
Speaking activity - each student gets a card (from 'conversation cards') with either picture of illness, or sentence regarding that illness... Ss have to circulate the classroom to find their partner (ie. Student with a picture of a man with backache, has to find the student with 'I have backache' written on their card). They find each other by asking the 5 questions in the PPT (example also in PPT).

Seemed to go pretty well with my 1st graders in the open class and since. when they have finished get them to repeat their conversations to you, then sit them down to do the word search...

This is simple but worked well. The video is just for fun to get them in a good mood.
Title: Re: Illnesses/Injuries
Post by: katied1589 on December 10, 2013, 09:37:34 am
Great materials!

Have you posted the idioms lesson reviewed in the beginning of the ppt? I'm actually looking for something at that level to use for my winter camp this year!
Title: Re: Illnesses/Injuries
Post by: adfletch83 on December 10, 2013, 09:47:28 am
Hey, glad you liked it.

I didn't post the idioms lesson but here it is anyway. There's a ppt, worksheet and bomb game. If you use the bomb game then check the answers. I changed some of the idioms (I'd originally had 'take a bullet' as an idiom but it was impossible to explain without a CT) but not sure if I changed the answers in the ppt.

Simple but works. Good luck in your camp :)