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Title: Off-topic forum for posts not related to Korea.
Post by: Brian on May 01, 2012, 10:14:39 pm
As you might have noticed some furniture's been moved around.  What used to be "General Discussion" is now "Off Topic":
Feel free to talk about anything and everything NOT korean related on this board, as long as it doesn't break the site's terms of service.

Please put your Korea-related posts in the appropriate forums.  Posts about learning Korean should go in the Korean Guide, for example, and not here.  Questions about buying shoes, or Korean holidays, or meeting musicians would go in "Life in Korea".  Questions about Busan hotels would be in the travel section, etc. For the time being we're moving threads to the right places, but eventually Korea-related threads / spam in the off-topic section will be deleted.

Also, please use the search function before posting.  It helps reduce clutter and helps keep similar information together.  Needlessly redundant threads will be merged or deleted.