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Title: Grade 6 Lesson 3 - I'm going to plant seeds (Vande Voort, 교학사)
Post by: Freeto on April 10, 2012, 01:37:21 pm
Another problematic lesson with this textbook since "plant" and "water" can be both a verb and a noun which confused some students. And all the tangents this lesson goes off to bombards students with lots of new words involving life cycles to inventions to astronomy. And don't get me started on the songs and chants  >:(

Two files:

1. Battleship - I edited a battleship game I found here on Waygook. I tried to use the target language used in the textbook for this game so it winds up being a bit awkward since students have to say both the question and the answer (Example: "When are you going to go to the library? Tonight." ) Make copies of page 1 and put page 2 on the TV as a visual aid when demoing the game with your co-teacher.  If your students have never played this before I highly suggest doing a demo.

2. Secret Code - another game I found on Waygook and edited. Hand out whiteboards, markers and erasers to each group. Use the first slide to demo how the game works. Give your students one minute to look at the "secret code" and write it on the whiteboard. Award points for the correct answers and punctuation. Surprisingly popular with students.
Title: Re: Grade 6 Lesson 3 - I'm going to plant seeds (Vande Voort, 교학사)
Post by: KathyForeigner on April 25, 2012, 10:37:33 am
Thanks for the ideas!

Probably a bit late now, but here's what I ended up doing...
Star Jumble (to go with page 46) I seem to remember there's an error somewhere with the number of blanks?? and you might wanna get rid of my holiday snap part.
Mahjong Bingo - if you've ever played Mahjong, this might make more sense. It's just bingo, but you have to get them in a certain order. the pictures on the very edges first before you can get the pictures which are 2nd from the edges and so on.
Mahjong Bingo PPT - to explain how to play the game. kids were fine, but my teacher made me change a bunch of things on the spot which made them confused.
Guessing Game - have students try to guess what the underlying picture is before it is fully revealed. the earlier, the more points. They just work in a group and write their answer on a whiteboard and hold it up. All the answers are 'I am going to..." and the idea is to be a bit creative with the vocab they already know.
Two intro PPTs - one English, one Korean. I always use this as a sort of 'wake up' to remind them of the vocab and make them start thinking in English. works a charm. usually the first lesson it takes about 10-15mins, then each following lesson it's like a 2min drill before we start the class. Warning, the Korean is wrong and incomplete as I tried to write it myself and I have terrible spelling and grammar. My teacher corrected it but didn't send it back to me.

I'm really hating this textbook as well. The order of activities makes no sense and I'm not sure what the students should be aiming for in terms of key words or key expressions. they really dropped the ball on this one. we never even got any kind of teachers book or whatevre....
still, they've tried to include some more challenging stuff and the topics are sort of more interesting than last year. I just think they went a little overboard.
Title: Re: Grade 6 Lesson 3 - I'm going to plant seeds (Vande Voort, 교학사)
Post by: Freeto on July 06, 2012, 03:13:56 pm
Here's a review game for this lesson. Students unscramble the words to make the target expressions.
Title: Re: Grade 6 Lesson 3 - I'm going to plant seeds (Vande Voort, 교학사)
Post by: Freeto on April 07, 2014, 02:43:01 pm
More student-friendly version of the Battleship game above.
Title: Re: Grade 6 Lesson 3 - I'm going to plant seeds (Vande Voort, 교학사)
Post by: Kate Cha on April 22, 2014, 01:28:52 pm
It's a good game to motivate kids to use the key expressions actively. But it is not good timing to use it. We are already sunk in the sorrow for the missing people in the sea. :lipsrsealed: