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Title: Mind Soccer Game Template
Post by: fofodani on June 29, 2011, 11:33:28 am
These are ppts for playing Mind Soccer (google the rules). There is a flash version with score counter made by Daejeon (search "Game Templates & Tools") that is great, but I wanted to have some question slides. They cover the Haas Middle School Book grades 2 and 3, lessons 3-6, but with a little effort you can change the questions.

Read the rules first on waygook or google. (search Mind Soccer)

Rooney represents the hard kick (two spaces), and the baby represents a weak kick (one space). I demonstrate that on the first slide, by showing the animations, after that you can add your own animations on each slide if you like. If they answer confidently and in five seconds, its a hard kick, within 10 a baby kick, after 10 the other team steals the ball and has a chance.

For any cheating, noise, complaining, etc, I give a yellow card. After the second, it's a red and the other team gets a point.

On each question slide, there are 7 soccer players that link to the slide where they have possession. You have to remember where the ball was last, and click on that player. (if you know how to set it up so you don't have to do that, let me know.)

On free kick slides, the team that has possession of the ball has a chance to score from where ever they are. (I want to add more of these.) Explain to the students that one side is the goalkeeper, the other has the free kick.

I didn't include the red/yellow card, rooney, and baby head animations on each slide, but I plan to. You can add your own animations if you like, but the game works without it. Also took out sound clips, to shrink the size a bit. Feel free to add some cheering, ref whistles, baby sounds, tiger roar, etc.
Title: Re: Mind Soccer Game Template
Post by: fofodani on June 29, 2011, 12:03:30 pm
in full...if it uploads.