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Title: Looking for a Halloween Pair/Group Game
Post by: Seoulcutie on October 14, 2021, 09:45:59 am
I'm looking a Halloween game to play with 5th~6th grade students. It can't be a bomb game/pub quiz. Preferably something that has to do with trick or treating and something the students can play in groups (or pairs). I'm terrible at making games and I feel like I've scoured this site and several others. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Title: Re: Looking for a Halloween Pair/Group Game
Post by: Kyndo on October 14, 2021, 10:53:53 am
1  Go FIsh
    Make some popular Halloween monster themed cards and play something simple like 'go fish'.
    Tie some recently studied English grammar to it (Go Fish is pretty versatile here), and presto, a genuinely decent English lesson.

    "Minsu, do you have a vampire?" "No I don't / Yes I do"
    " Is there a poltergeist?" "Yes there is. / No there isn't"
    "How many werewolves are there?" "There is one. / There aren't any."

2.  Scene It
      Show a 20 second Halloween themed video clip.
      After the video, teams race to answer 3 or 4 questions about the video.
      Questions can, again, be tailored to recent grammar points.
      Fastest team to answer them correctly gets a point.
      Next 20 second video!

3.  Reverse Monster Charades
      Divide class into 2 teams.
      Select one student from each team. Stand in front of class.
      The rest of  class sees a picture of the monster.
      All the students have to act out the monster.
      First of the student to guess the monster (and use it's name in whatever grammar construction ) scores point for team.
      Rinse and repeat!
      (I like this better than regular charades because it's total response: except for those guessing, all students should be moving/acting.)

4.  Running dictation puzzles.
     Students in teams of 3.
     student 1 sitting at a desk at one side of the class, student 2 in a desk at the other side. student 3 runs between them.
     Student 1 reads their gapfill sentence, student 2 listens, runs, and repeats to student 2, who writes it down.
     Could make the teams larger and have student 3 repeat to student 4 who then repeats to student 5 who then repeats it to student 2.
     Make the sentences / puzzles / riddles Halloween themed

Title: Re: Looking for a Halloween Pair/Group Game
Post by: buckybee on October 14, 2021, 11:06:45 am
Here is a couple games I made. They are simple and cute.  One bomb game and one find the candy game designed like the pirate game. Ooops I read it "can" be a bomb game. My bad.