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Title: We're looking for freelance Korean-to-English video subtitle translators
Post by: barunjason on June 24, 2020, 03:38:45 pm
Barun Media is looking for passionate subtitle translators! Established in 2019, Barun Media is a subsidiary of Barun Translation (바른번역), a literary translation agency that has translated numerous bestselling books since 2004. In 2007, Barun Translation opened Glbab Academy (글밥 아카데미), which has produced several great authors and translators of its own. Barun Media specializes in creating high-quality subtitles translated into English and Korean for TV, film, and online video.

We’re looking to recruit the best freelance Korean-to-English translators, and part of our goal is to make sure they maintain and improve their skills as they work with us. Manageable project schedules, constructive feedback, and higher minimum pay rates per minute. These are the core values Barun Media maintains, because we’re translators, too! We want to set a new standard in the translation industry in terms of product quality and quality of life for our fellow translators.

So if you’re interested, please read on below to see the requirements and how you can apply:

[Job Title]
- Freelance Korean-to-English (한영) video subtitle translator

[Job Description]
- Translate TV programs, films, and online videos from Korean to English and create subtitles

- Sound knowledge of English grammar and punctuation
- Strong communication skills
- Good work ethic with attention to detail and accuracy
- Ability to create, adjust, and sync subtitles with video files is a plus

- Native English speaker
- Fluent or highly proficient in Korean
- MUST have at least 1 year of previous experience in Korean-to-English video subtitle translation
- Bachelor's Degree or above

- Negotiable; to be discussed with shortlisted applicants

[How to Apply]
- Please send your resume, cover letter, and any subtitle translation samples to bareunmedia01@gmail.com