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Title: 2PM to 9PM - JUNE Full-Time Position- Yangsan *near BUSAN*
Post by: herald2020 on May 25, 2020, 08:25:24 pm

Looking for a cheerful native English tutor.

* Location : Yangsan, near BUSAN (a half-hour subway ride)

* Working Hours : 2pm - 9pm / Mon - Fri (includes prep time)
* Start Date : In June

* Salary : 2.1 ~ 2.3 M won
* Housing : Fully furnished single room close to work

* Students : Elementary to middle
* Benefits : National pension, medical insurance, severance pay, one-way airfare, 10 paid vacation days

* Education: Bachelor's degree at least

American, Canadian, British, Irish, South African, New Zealanders and Australians preferred.
We prefer tutors who already live in Korea. But it's okay not to live in Korea  ;D

Please include in your resume/CV a recent photo, "Skype ID" and the type of visa you have.

Please send your resume and CV to starkatok@naver.com