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Title: GOE Teachers: Summer Vacation
Post by: chardhannay on May 03, 2020, 03:17:45 pm
Hi GOE teachers. I was wondering about what will happen with our summer vacation with this COVID-19 situation.

I got the message from my coworkers that at my school our first semester will end on September 6 and our second semester will start on September 8. So basically, no summer vacation. My contract ends in November but until then I still have 8 days of vacation (I used some days when the situation was escalating in worries that it'll interfere with summer camp plans). Per our contract, I believe we are to be compensated for unused vacation days. My Korean English Teacher said that the Office of Education will not be paying that compensation (they already cancelled the 1.5x pay for working on May 1, to which me and my KET both decided not to work).

My co-teacher has yet to inform me about any of this.

Was wondering what the situation is for everyone else and if there could possibly be a compromise. Honestly I am crossing my fingers that I'll at least at a few days of vacation in during the summer even if I can't use all of it. I'm more worried about a burnt out than not getting compensated for not using my vacation time.
Title: Re: GOE Teachers: Summer Vacation
Post by: Kayos on May 06, 2020, 08:02:35 am
Not GoE but, everywhere around Korea seems to be on the same, or very similar, contracts now. (for public schools anyway)
* you can take vacation time during the semester now
* weekends don't count towards vacation time anymore
* unused vacation isn't paid out, or rolled over to the next contract.

You can compromise and try use it during time when you won't need to do much, like after exams.
Remember, if you agree to not using all your vacation, you'll also be making it harder for the person who comes after you to use all theirs, if/when you decide to leave.