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Title: NGLOW Kids, Gwangmeyong
Post by: Miriam488 on August 08, 2019, 04:37:48 pm
Hello, does anyone have experience with NGLOW Kids in Gwangmeyong? Looking at signing a contract and would like to hear from people here.

In particular, I have some questions: I'm working from 9:20-620 and teach 25 hours.  I have no prior experience teaching in South Korea. I do have a bachelor's and TEFL. They're paying me 2.2 million won.  How is that setup?

There's a clause about substitute teaching not counting as overtime. Is this legal?

It says if I'm 10 minutes late without notification, I miss an hour of pay, and if an hour late, I miss a full day's worth of pay. Is this legal?

Also, the hagwon won't pay round trip airfare, but only airfare to Korea. My recruiter told me that none of the hagwons they work with will pay roundtrip, and that this is becoming more common. Is this true?