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Title: Spy Kids Camp
Post by: chunsa94 on April 26, 2019, 10:04:45 am
Basically, I really wanted to show my kids Spy Kids so I made it my whole theme. There was A LOT of prep to do but it was completely worth it and they thought it was so cool. My camp was 8 days total, 4 days for 3rd/4th (20 students) and 4 days for 5th/6th (16 students).

(I used a special Spy Font I found online but is no longer on my computer so all the font looks ugly now. Sorry!)

Day 1:
1.  I introduced the rules and showed them the trailer for Spy Kids.
2. Explained what a spy is and taught them vocabulary they'll need for the camp.
3. I split the students into 4 teams that each represented a country.
4. Two Truths and a Lie
    - Since we had a lot of students, we did 3 truths and 2 lies for the 3/4th graders.
5. They made ID badges! We had a lot of random lanyards in our room so we just used
    those and had the kids put their fingerprint instead of a picture.
6. We let each kid pick a random letter from a bag and gave them a worksheet.
    Whichever name corresponds with that letter is their secret codename that no one
    can find out.
7. I showed a scene from National Treasure where they use lemon juice and heat to
    make invisible ink.
8. We made our own invisible ink! We didn't want to use heat with the kids so we
    made it using grape juice, baking soda, cotton swabs, and water but there are other
    recipes online. They then practiced writing their codenames with it and each group
    member had to reveal their own group members codenames. (But only that group
    should know their members names.)

** The codenames I'm attaching were for my 5th and 6th graders. I used very very easy names for the 3rd and 4th graders but I don't have them anymore.
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Post by: chunsa94 on April 26, 2019, 10:29:03 am
Day 2:
1. We learned about the 5 senses.
2. I showed them a scene from Scooby Doo of Shaggy and Scooby farting in the haunted
    castle to introduce the next game.
3. Mystery Smell game
    - We had 10 smells in paper cups with wax paper rubberbanded on the top with holes
      poked through so the smell could come through. Each person in the 5-person team
      was able to come up and smell 2 different things. After smelling, they had to go back 
      to their group and try to guess what the smell was.
4.  I introduced them to Pigpen Code. (In the attachments, I gave 'Pigpen Code' to
     3rd/4th and 'Pigpen Code 2' to 5th/6th.
5. Pigpen Practice Activity
    - They had to write their codenames again using the code and then give it to another
    team to solve.
6. Find The Bomb game
    - So we made a bomb out of paper towel rolls wrapped in red paper and black duct
      tape and while one team stepped in the hallway with my co, I hid it in the classroom.
     The other students were very good about not spoiling the location when the team
     had to find it. To look for it, the selected team had to solve a clue written in pigpen
     that told them the location. Each clue was different but same level of difficulty so we
     timed them.
7. S'mores! I used the plain Diget cookies for the outside since we couldn't get graham
Title: Re: Spy Kids Camp
Post by: chunsa94 on April 26, 2019, 11:10:49 am
Day 3:
1. We gave each student a "Secret Mission" which was a personal mission they had to do by 11am the next day.
    Examples of missions were "every time the teacher sings, you have to dance", "write the date on the board
    without anyone seeing you" etc. We wrote them in both English and Korean.
2. I showed a video clip of the Laser Dance from Ocean's 12.
3. Spy Training Course
    a.) Laser Beam Maze: At the end of the day before, my wonderful and amazing coteacher constructed a
    laser beam maze in our classroom. Every classroom might not have the structure to do this but if you do, I
    highly suggest it! We used string with bells on it.
    b.) There were 6 different "courses" for them to do but we didn't get to all of them. It was pretty time
4. I explained the different kind of fingerprints there are.
5. Find The Fingerprints Game
6. Big Secret Mission
    - 4 items were stolen from the school and there are 5 suspects. Students in their teams have to follow the
    clues to find their missing item. Taped on the item is the culprit's fingerprint. Students have to match the
    fingerprint to the already provided fingerprints that will be back in the classroom to figure out who took that
    particular object.
   - The clues are all things we've learned over the week.
     a.) Invisible Ink - we set up a station in the classroom with grape juice and cotton swabs.
     b.) Puzzles - we bought 4 of the same puzzle. I cut each clue out word by word and taped them on each
     puzzle piece. Once they put the puzzle together, they could read their clue.
     c.) Ripped up note
     d.) Pigpen Code clue
   - The clues were in 4 different places. Puzzle and Invisible ink were in the classroom, ripped up note was at a
     different classroom, and the pigpen clue was at the library. The stolen items were in 4 different areas. Each
     team had their own assigned stolen item they were made to find but we didn't tell them what it was to avoid
     them just looking for the item. Each team also had their own path to take so two teams were never at the
     same clue at the same time.

(For the secret mission, we got fingerprints from the other elective teachers before the holiday and taped them on paper ahead of time. I added all of our pictures to the ppt which explains the big gaps next to the names.)
Title: Re: Spy Kids Camp
Post by: chunsa94 on April 26, 2019, 11:18:27 am
Day 4:
1. Master of Disguise game
    - Split them into 2 teams. I had two backpacks with 1 huge shirt, 1 huge pair of pants, 1 hat, and one extra
    silly item. The line was facing the back of the class and the game started with the student last in line. They
    had to put the outfit on and tap the person in front of them when they finished to show them before taking
    it off and  passing it on. Lots of laughs and cuteness.
2. We made box chocolate chip cookies.
3. Watched Spy Kids - they loved it so I'm glad to know this movie will never get old.
4. Secret Mission Reveal - Students could expose someone else's secret mission. If they were right, they got a prize.
Title: Re: Spy Kids Camp
Post by: orange6ur1 on June 21, 2019, 03:14:33 pm
wow...not that other summer/winter camps don't compare but you did such a great job...i bet your students had such a good time...당신은 진짜 천사이네 ㅎㅎ