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Title: Madlibs...ideas
Post by: bmym80 on July 24, 2017, 12:56:16 pm
I am planning on doing a madlibs activity during my summer camp. I have a worksheet with the short story. Here is where it gets tricky. If I give them the worksheet, they can read the story before they answer-no good. Their answers have to written before they read. I have cut holes in another paper (they can't read, it is covered) but this takes time to cut and it can be ripped easily. I can give them a blank paper first and have them write their answers there and later rewrite the answers on the story page. Any good ideas? Anyone done this activity before?
Title: Re: Madlibs...ideas
Post by: emilysu on July 24, 2017, 02:04:02 pm
I used to do madlibs with my hagwon students. I'd say give them a piece of paper with the numbers written for the amount of blanks that you have - true madlibs style. I put (colour) (action word) (place), that kind of stuff, to guide the students word choices. That's really the best way I know to do it. You can help the kids who are struggling to think of words by giving them examples.

Good luck and I hope they have fun (mine did)!
Title: Re: Madlibs...ideas
Post by: sandirae on June 02, 2021, 02:58:14 pm
I understand this thread is old, but I wanted to give my idea since it worked well for me.

I wrote the story in Excel, and started a new line when there was a blank.
I created another tab where I would ask for a color, a size, an adjective etc.
I would type in their answers on this sheet.
back to the tab with the blank, I would reference the tab with their answers.

This worked well for me.

I got the content from a different user.