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Title: 1week(5days) Summer Camp position in Sokcho city, Gangwon July 31 ~ Aug 4
Post by: ez_kim@naver.com on June 29, 2017, 08:02:27 pm
Held/ Operated by   Yeongnang Elementary School
Location   Sokcho city, Gangwon
Period   2017.07.31~2017.08.4 (1 Week)
Type   Day Camp / Monday~Friday
Salary     ₩450,000
Teaching Hours   9:00~12:00
Working Hours   9:00~12:00
Students   Elementary Program G1~G6
Class size   10~20 per class
Teaching Areas   English (Reading, Grammar, Speaking, Writing
Acitivities   Fun Arts & Crafts, Physical Education, Play projects
Duties   Teachings, Class preparation, Composing exams/report cards and etc
Field Trip   Once or none
Housing   Not Provided
Meal   Not Provided
Visa    E1, E2, F visa holders preferred
Orientation   2017.07.28 (Friday) at Yeongnang Elementary School (Oritentation can be changed.)
Eligibility   Bachelor Degree or Above / TESOL, CELTA or related certificates or experiences preferred

Working in the morning only. You can spend hollidays in beautiful Sokcho city.
Homestay providable.