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Title: Korean tutoring - cheap! two times a week (on Skype)
Post by: Juicy on March 29, 2017, 09:35:31 pm

Hi. I am a Korean/English teacher who is good at both languages Korean and English. I was born in Seoul and grew up in the country Korea but have stuided English alone for several years: speaking, writing, listening and reading. My philosphy of learning and practing new langauges is pretty distinctive, speaking and writing a foreign language English this much without any help from native speakers prove that, which means I am pretty qualified at teaching your target language Korean.

If you have me teach you Korean, that will be a great opportunity that you would never get for studying this language 한국어.
It will cost only 110,000won per month (two times a week on Skype) and the materials made by me also are going to be ready for you. Don't you think this is amazing? Hurry up and find yourself get better at Korean. (IF YOU ARE EAGER TO PRACTICE IT)
I have currently been preparing for my language group. So teaching some students steadily would be very helpful before I start off business, which is the reason why the cost of my lessons per month is so cheap.

<The things that you need to know>

1. Each lesson is held for 50minutes.
2. You can try taking a trial lesson for 15minutes before you sign up.
3. When you first contact me, please let me know these five things:
1) Simple self-introduction
2) Your Korean level
3) Your reason(s) why you need to study Korean
4) Your preferred date and time for a trial lesson
5) Your available time-periods if you sign up for my lessons. (choose your preferred periods in the below)

- Tuesday (9:00pm~10:00pm, 11:00pm~00:00am)
- Thursday (9:00pm~10:00pm, 11:00pm~00:00am)
- Saturday (8:00pm~11:00pm)
- Sunday (11:00am~1:00pm)

E-mail: kwonhyeokju@naver.com
Cel: 010-6353-3923

Thank you.