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Post lesson material here!

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The 함순애/Ujin Jun book uses almost the exact same target language for this lesson, lots of materials posted there that can easily be used with this book.,71286.0.html
"Have you seen what the sith are wearing? It's like every fashion designer in the galaxy went over to the dark side."

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Plants Vs Zombies game to practice (in, on, under, by): The ____ is ____ the box(or bag). My students loved it. I edited the original template a bit.
Avenger's game also edited from another thread. My 6th graders loved this game so I thought I would edit it for 4th grade. I just pass around a plastic hammer. After stopping and answering the question, the student and me (or my CT or another student) play RSP and the loser gets bonked on the head.

The intro ppt was edited from the Simon's Cat PPT in another thread. It starts of with the preposition vocab I used in week 2 (in, on, under, by/next to, in front of, behind, over, between). The show them the Simon's Cat video and review with the Simon's Cat slides.
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word lotto i modified so it worked how i wanted it. you cna use it for speaking if you play like this : have 2 players from every team come up to the board. one will get answers from their team, communicate to the writer, and the writer writes the answer. i do it this way to get more players involved using multiple skills.

if you want to make it a writing game, have whiteboards.

teams get points for correct answers. directions in the ppt.

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Used this song for another unit, think it will work well as an intro song.

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I used a prezi for my Open class about prepositions and the kids LOVED it.

It has a "Disney's The Incredibles" theme.

Highly recommended:

Here's a Pirates of the Classroom game for this lesson.

Here is a pass the bomb game, which went well. i divided the class into 2 teams which then stood in 2 rows facing each other/the board. gave the ball to the first team, and they had to say the entire sentence before gently tossing the ball to the first person on the other team, and so on. My school is extremely challenging behavior-wise, so the stipulations were if they threw the ball too far, they got the ball back. if the timer went off in their hands, the other team gets the point because they were not gentile with the ball. if they didn't say the full sentence before passing the ball, they got the ball back. otherwise my kids would just throw it without saying anything and it would go to sh*t pretty fast.

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A very basic intro to the prepositions IN, ON, and UNDER.
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