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Hello everyone,

I just finished my newest project,  This site is a place where teachers can post the hilarious or insightful things their students say.  It's a pretty simple site, which functions much like a few of my favorite user-generated content sites such as  Since it is a new site, I am still in need of content.  Please think about contributing.  It only takes a few minutes! Please post on the website.  Thanks!

Also if you see any bugs, or have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!


Yesterday I had yet another student say that her mother's hobby is housework.


--- Quote from: AnthonyTeacher on April 26, 2011, 07:45:58 AM ---It's a pretty simple site, which functions much like a few of my other user-generated content sites like

--- End quote ---

Wait. Are you claiming to have made

I asked my students to use their imaginations and answer a series of questions. One of the questions was "why are you looking at the map." In response a student wrote: "My job is earth protect hero. I need to memorize the map." Love it!

Test question (Social Sciences paper, not ESL): What was the contraption used to behead people during the French Revolution?

Student Answer: Yes.


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