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Author Topic: Speaking Korean to students; yes or no?  (Read 18 times)

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Speaking Korean to students; yes or no?
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Hello all, this is going to be a long post.

Tldr: I speak some Korean, the kids don't know this. Should I allow myself to speak to the kids in Korean outside class/during class?

I studied Korean in university and I understand about 80% of conversations. I look Korean, so when I speak in Korean, people don't know I'm a foreigner unless I tell them. I currently teach at a middle school. When I first arrived, many of my students asked if I could speak Korean. I told them no because I didnít want them speaking to me in Korean as I believe it is my duty as their NET to only speak to them in English. For some of the classes I told them I couldnít speak Korean but that I could read. I fear that if they know I can speak Korean, they wonít try to speak in English to me. At my previous elementary some of the students who heard me speaking Korean to my coworkers or suspected that I could speak Korean would often only speak to me in Korean, even though I would reply in English or pretend I couldnít understand. Most of the teachers at my current school donít know I speak Korean either.

Iím currently debating whether I should switch up the way Iíve been doing things. Someone from a Facebook group Iím in said that he has an English only rule in his class where he is the only person that can speak in Korean. I teach 22 classes in total (11 classes in both 1st and 2nd grade), in each class there are a few students who are pretty high level or even fluent in English. Iíve been feeling conflicted about what I should do in the new school year as I want to be able to build rapport with my students. Do you guys speak Korean to your kids outside of class time?