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Author Topic: Cost of Internet  (Read 18223 times)

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Re: Cost of Internet
« Reply #80 on: August 27, 2014, 02:19:40 PM »
yeah i think if you don't get a contract you will pay more. i took over a 3-year contract from the previous NET.

mmmm i've never heard of it being dependent on where you live and the building. the contract i took over was for an apartment way out in the boonies, you'd think it would be more expensive there. maybe it varies by province/metropolitan area? not sure.

from what i've heard your monthly fee also varies depending on the speed you want. i think if you want 100mbps you pay more than if you get 30mbps or something like that.

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Re: Cost of Internet
« Reply #81 on: August 27, 2014, 05:00:08 PM »
I've lived in two places and cities. It does depend on where you live, what type of contract and the company.

I live in a new city in Gimpo. That's actually how its advertised. I set up my internet for just a year contract. I found a company that does one year contracts and thought that would be better than going with the bigger companies. I have cj e&m internet(?) not sure if that's the name. i guess because i live in a new area and they are trying to establish themselves i got a major discount. My internet would of been double what im paying now. I got like a 50 percent discount. In my bill it states the original price at around 37 i think and i get like 17 off.

So yes it does depend on the area. try to see other companies to compare. Or ask coworkers what they have and how much they pay. My co-teacher told me i got a good deal.