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Author Topic: BEWARE THE BLACK TAXI  (Read 11562 times)

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« Reply #60 on: March 18, 2013, 08:17:25 PM »
The reason many people are ragging on the OP is he is demanding a sticky for a irksome minor problem of daily Korea life.  Which for most people, learn what not to do and likely never repeat said mistake.  I can sympathize for paying twice the price.   But why should everyone have to kowtow to his demands and complaints.  Yes, let's make a sticky for black taxis and staring and all the other little slights that are going to hurt the OP.   The first page will get pretty filled with stickies.   Heck I could agree with a sticky under a catch all topic like "Things to watch out in Korea".   Dollars to donuts if we did that, the OP would not read it.

He is also being ragged on because he is sensitive.   Welcome to the Internet OP.  It is not a nice place.  Waygook may be a bit more cuddly then other places but it can still be a bit rough.   Here is what the OP needs to do when people get mean ignore it.

Also the OP gets whiny when people do not answer him exactly or give him what he wants.   I remember the OPs thread about finding a sensory deprivation tank in Korea.   It sort of went off topic as someone posted about the use of sensory deprivation tanks.    I thought it was fine as that is the nature of threads as they change over time like a conversation.  Yet when the OP did not get what he wanted he started lecturing and snapping at other posters.  No, GIVE ME A LOCATION!

Actually OP this information was provided in the basic Korea manual.  You got one before you got here, yes.  You read it, right. What is the basic Korea manual you ask?   Do you have a copy of Lonely Planet Korea and/or Frommes Guide to Korea.  Because many of the little things of traveling and living in Korea are explained there.   Never the multitude of web pages, blog posts, threads, all over the Internet.

Some more things for the OP to watch out.

There are three classes of trains.  They vary in speed and cost.   KTX is newer and sleeker.  Warning the KTX is more expensive!

In Korea, most people speak Korean.   A portion of Koreans do speak English.  Levels can vary.  Most levels lean towards poor.  Overall, expect to get little to no service in English.

Garbage has to be put into a special bag you buy at grocery stores.   If you put garbage in a non regulation bag, you can expect to have older Korean women known as Adjummas and men known as Adjoshis to lecture you.   Also you need to separate your garbage into metal, paper, plastic, and compost.

Most Korean food contain the same ingredients.   So warning Korean food will often have rice, red pepper, and seaweed in it.  Also since Korea is a culture based around the sea, seafood is very common.  So do not be surprised to find clams, squid or other fishy foods in dishes.

The Korean race has been blessed with superior genes.  Thus if you have an allergy to peanuts, shellfish, or other things expect many Koreans to express disbelief to you condition.   

Since the 1990s, Korea has had the Internet.  Over that years there have been thousands of pages of information about multitude of topics related in Korea.  Many of them can be searched via a search engine.  One of the most popular is called Google.

Hey why not make a thread ans sticky it called "Annoymous! Watch out for these things in Korea!"
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Please consider adding some info to your "Personal Text"  Like type of school, visa status, county of origin.  These little bits of info can help people help you.

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« Reply #61 on: March 19, 2013, 12:39:10 AM »
The reason many people are ragging on the OP is he is demanding a sticky for a irksome minor problem of daily Korea life.  Which for most people, learn what not to do and likely never repeat said mistake.  I can sympathize for paying twice the price.
But you don't think it's worth pointing out for noobs on waygook?

Again, my point is just that if you've read it, done it, read it again, skip the damn thread!  Unless you're a mod that has to worry about RAIDs and storage and bandwidth, which none of these tools seem to be.

Meanwhile, I've been in Korea since 2008 and yet am encountering this forum (and possibly certain facts, ideas and opinions) for the first time.  So, should I ignore current threads, never post a thought of my own until I go back to the first post at waygook.org and start reading?  It is absurd on its face, as is most of what is in this thread.

And I'm not directing this at you specifically, just piggybacking.