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Author Topic: Welcome to the Blogs Section!  (Read 2905 times)

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Welcome to the Blogs Section!
« on: September 27, 2012, 12:10:06 PM »
Welcome to the blogs section!

This section of the forums can be used to share your personal blog, another author's blog, video blogs, or any other blog-related resources that you think the community would be interested in.  As always, please make sure that the materials you are posting follow the community's terms of service.

For bloggers :

Please create one thread that will be dedicated to your blog.  (Example - KimchiBoy's Journey to Korea).  You may announce new updates and post links to your blog inside of said thread.  Do not create new threads each time you update your blog.  This helps prevent the section from becoming cluttered and it allows interested readers to find all of your updates in one thread. 

Thank you
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