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Author Topic: Find Someone Who Valentine's Day Card Game  (Read 147 times)

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Find Someone Who Valentine's Day Card Game
« on: February 12, 2019, 12:26:45 PM »
Whipped up a free Valentine's Day Card Game, it's a 'find someone who' mingle speaking activity


Directions: 1) Demonstrate the activity by giving out the cards to the students, and asking questions in order to guess what gift they are/have, and which student has/is the love message (directions to this game start from 2).

2) Distribute the gift cards to the students randomly. Instruct them to make sure the other students don't see which gift card they have.

3) Distribute one gift survey card to the students as well. Have the students familiarize themselves with which information from the survey card matches their gift card (laminating the survey card and card deck will make the game easier for the students).

4) Let the students know that one student has/is a love message and may lie.    Furthermore, they will receive bonuses for correctly guessing which gift students are/have, and for guessing which student is/has which item.

5) Instruct the students to stand up and mingle OR set desk two by two facing each other in a row, and have them rotate partners by asking each other the 'Is it...?' and 'Does it have...?' questions. Instruct them to write the first letter of the students name next to check marks which they get a 'yes' answer for. Limit the allotted mingle time according to class size. Students MAY NOT directly ask what gift other students have/are.
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