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Author Topic: 3WEEKS VACATION!!Gangwon-do Public School(English Center)for Jan 2 or Feb 1,2019  (Read 538 times)

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3 WEEKS VACATION!!  Gangwon-do Public School (English Center ) for Jan 2, 2019 (or Feb 1, 2019)

English Center for mainly Elementary students ================================================================
They provide 0.2M more payment( salary + extra allowance) than Other normal public schools and Gangwon is one of most popular province as a tourist spot with Skiing,Mountain,Valley and Ocean beach along east coast.

NOTE: Anyone who applies for this position needs the following in their possession Now or Soon.
*Nationwide criminal background check notarized with an apostille,
*Apostilled copy of your university degree,
*Valid passport with at least 6 months availability
*2 original signed(or stamped ) reference letters from a former employer or professor or Supervisor who did supervisory role
*1 sealed university transcript

Providing stability, transparency and opportunity in a professional environment operated by the provincial government, these government-sponsored positions at provincially-run public schools require teaching only 22 classes per week (1 class is 40 minutes for elementary; 45minutes for middle and 50 minutes for high school), giving you the time available to make your adventure exciting and positive. Additionally, each ESL teacher in the province has Korean co-teachers to help with administrative processes and classroom management.

- Salary 2.1-2.7 Million KRW (based on EPIK pay scale )
- 300,000 won one-time settlement allowance
- Travel Stipends of 2.6 Million KRW
- Rent-free single apartment
- 3 weeks paid vacation and all national holidays
- Provincial allowance : 100,000KRW/Month
- Medical contributions
- Pension contributions
- Severance payment (equivalent to one month's salary)
- 7 days special leave allowance
- 11days Sick Leaves

Video: www.jejuesl.com (on the top of the page you can view the 7min video titled 2009 Gangwon EPIK )

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gangwon-do_(South_Korea)
2. http://eng.gwd.go.kr/

Successful applicants MUST have native level English proficiency (born in an English speaking country like Canada, USA, England, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, or Australia) and have a University degree. Clean Nationwide Criminal check notarized with an apostille
NOTE: Anyone who applies for this position needs the following in their possession Soon. ( Exception : Teachers holding E2 or D10 visa in Korea)
*Nationwide criminal background check notarized with an apostille, (Canadian: Notarized Criminal check by Korean consulate )
*Apostilled copy of your university degree, (Canadian: Notarized a copy of diploma by Korean consulate )
*Valid passport with at least 6 months availability
*2 original signed reference letters from a former employer, Supervisor ,Team leader , manager or professor
*1 sealed university transcript
Email resume, photo to pilsunjung@jejuesl.com
Please mention the earliest start date and if you have Nationwide criminal background check or any situation.

Pilsun Jung( Director)
E-mail:  pilsunjung@jejuesl.com
Skype ID : jps4591
J.E. Consulting (Website: www.jejuesl.com )
Tel: 064-900-4591 ( In Korea)
Cell: 010-4579-4591 (In Korea)
Fax: 0303-3442-4591      

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     Gang-won is a beautiful province. I had a friend who worked for a school there, and his cycling routes were always breath-taking!

     Just out of curiosity, is that "3-weeks of vacation"  equivalent to 21 calendar days or 21 work-days of vacation?