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Author Topic: English teacher already based in Korea - Looking for SEOUL jobs for FEB/MAR 2019  (Read 570 times)

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I'm a current teacher working at EPIK looking to move to Seoul/Gyeonggi/Incheon. I love my job but I'm looking for new experience and to be closer to Seoul for more opportunities to study in Education. I'm looking at either recruiters or direct offers and flexible with ages, times, and working hours - although my one stipulation is that the job starts Feb/March 2019, as my current contract finishes 25th Feb.

Some things about me for those curious:
- 24 years old
- Citizen of United Kingdom

- 120hr Tefl Certificate
- Criminal background check
- Medical check
- Apostilled University Degree
- 2x References from current schools
(This will be a certified copy from immigration)

- 1-year teaching at two high schools.
- 3 months experience part-time at an elementary school

I can provide my CV, references, and anything else you might want via email. I'm open to recruiters as well and happy to work with someone to find that perfect job!

Thank you for reading!

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Great name, what a gangster says when he's choosing his weapon (I guess you've heard that one before) Good luck getting to Seoul, I know what Pohang's like  :-[

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Thanks, but yeah its a kind of old joke. Pohang is okay, just dreaming big and want to move somewhere where's there are more opportunities to study.