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Author Topic: Hagwon personal issues  (Read 4530 times)


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Re: Hagwon personal issues
« Reply #60 on: July 10, 2018, 04:18:33 PM »
Funny enough, I feel like Iíve stumbled upon the tactic independently.

The beauty of convergent evolution at work!
I'd like to think it's a form of Batesian convergent mimicry.  :wink:

If you ever see me on the subway, donít be afraid to smile and nod!

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Re: Hagwon personal issues
« Reply #61 on: July 11, 2018, 07:26:39 AM »
Besides the huge explosions, they have been pretty unreasonable about work as well.  There's the cleaning I talked about earlier. 

We have to do a book a month for each kid.  So for a class of 4-8 students with 3 books each (sb, wb, practice book)  there's a stack of books per class.  At the end of each month, we have to go through every single book and proofread them for corrections.  One class could easily take 1 hour.  I don't get paid any overtime, I come in at 1 and I have classes with no breaks until 8:30 (9 when I have my adult classes on T Th, but with a break). I teach 6 40 minute classes, 2 50 minute.  I get no lunch and only 5 minutes between classes.  I do my prep work for my classes in the hour before classes start (2:10).

Yesterday, I was doing my prep work, and my boss keeps hinting I need to be checking books instead......So I finished my prep and started on books.  Then, in the evening, she asked me to finish ALL the books before leaving.  We have about 10 classes total.  I have so far ALONE checked 4 classes.  No other teacher even picked up a book to check it.  I checked some books and went home on time.  I don't know what she is going to say to me when I get there today...but....

Edit: ah, I forgot to add.  The reason I don't get overtime is because she took it out of the contract. The original contract from headquarters had over 120 hours I get paid overtime. She tried to change it to 140 hours (at 1.8 mil) , but I said no way Jose and had her change it back to 120.  But, she deleted the clause for overtime.  I asked her several times to write it back in.  She wrote something in pen like "extra classes will negotiate for extra pay".  Which is my adult class, basically. 
Anyway, there is no overtime for any prep work or book checking work or covering classes (which I do often when she has parent meetings).  My hours on my contract are 130 to 830.  If she won't pay me for extra time, I'm going home.  I have enough time for my prep work from 1 to 2pm.  So my end of the contract is fulfilled in my opinion.

First of all, the no break thing is flat out illegal. Per the Labor Standards Act, Chapter IV, Article 54, they have to give you at least a thirty minute break for working over a 4 hour shift (not including said break). If you worked over 8 hours (not including a break), they'd be required to give you one hour. And no, they can't count those five minute breaks as your thirty minutes, as it must be given freely for you to use (and those times aren't really free times, I'm sure).

However, technically, even if you're teaching 6 40-minute classes and 2 50-minute classes 5 days a week, that only adds up to 28 hours and 20 minutes.... which, if you're on a typical hagwon contract, is under your 30 mandated teaching hours per week. Not much you can do there. That said, you're still only required to be there during your delineated contract hours. If it says 1:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. in your contract, then that's when you should be in the office. If they want you in at 1:00 p.m., then they need to be paying you overtime. Now, it wouldn't count as teaching hour overtime if you're not teaching at 1:00 (and since it isn't over your 30 hours), but you should still get standard overtime.... maybe around 10,000 won an hour or somewhere around there. And frankly, if their excuse is that things need to get done then they need to either 1.) lower your teaching hours so you have time to do all the administrative stuff they want done too, or 2.) pass the administrative stuff off to someone else.... or, well, 3.) pay you overtime.

Don't let them push you around.

They will not give me a break.  Even the one 40 minute time I'm supposed to not have a class, I do makeup work with students or any prep, checking, ect.  I can go to the bathroom and grab a literal bite in the staff room, but I have to be there if she needs me to teach an extra class (which happens often).  This extra 40 minute is only on MWF.  It's not a break. 

Once, I went and grabbed a coffee before heading in.  I came in exactly at 1:30, maybe 1:29ish.  She checked her watch as I came into the lobby. I got called into her office where she said I need to be there earlier for "staff meetings".  Sometimes they exist, but are never forewarned.  You come to work and oh! Meeting! I told her my hours are 1:30 and that I was not in fact late.  She asked me "where did you get 1:30 from???"  I said it is written in my contract.  She said "someone who always talks about what is in the contract is a difficult person to work with." Basically she said the times in my contract don't matter.  If I push my contract conditions too much it makes her angry.

Bosses who claim that "someone who always talks about what is in the contract is a difficult person to work with" are definitely the type of bosses you don't want to work for. That said, the second she made that claim, I'd have told her that the Ministry of Employment and Labor would disagree. Honestly, you really need to work on sticking up for yourself. Really. That's your biggest issue here. You have a bf who clearly isn't on your side, a boss who mistreats you, and all the while, you keep making excuses for both. First of all, your contract is what you agreed to when you took the job. You aren't difficult for expecting what is in your contract. You came from another country with the expectation that they'd follow what they promised. They're being difficult; not you. Second of all, if your bf is going to side with any Korean person who disagrees with you for the entirety of your relationship, is this really the kind of relationship you want?

You side like a nice person, but honestly, maybe you're being too nice to people who don't deserve it.

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Re: Hagwon personal issues
« Reply #62 on: July 11, 2018, 02:23:35 PM »
Hindsight is a wonderful thing I know, I know...but I think the first red flag was the interview. I would NEVER take a boyfriend to an interview for a job. It looks ridiculous and I think that was probably the moment when they knew they could totally treat you like a child.

I don't really see that. Its only a hogwon.

If anything it shows she has backup.

Although it might trigger female bitchiness and competition of course.

It works the same way with guys. To be honest i've never had problems from women bosses but usually ajosshis are out to get me.

 I don't really see any evidence of that in this circumstance. Nothing to say she wouldn't treat any newbie this way.

I think in this situation they don't see the boyfriend as backup....they see him as being on THEIR side...hence why they called him.

I know they asked for the boyfriend to come but yeah he shouldn't have. Easy for me to say that though I know.

I'm LOVING the SNIP method...definitely remembering that next time I get frustrated.