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Author Topic: Flipped Teaching or Flipping the classroom  (Read 314 times)

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Flipped Teaching or Flipping the classroom
« on: June 03, 2018, 06:36:18 PM »

I first heard about this in reference to an article about a Harvard research of Flipped teaching in Korea (!) showing an increased output of more than 80% I think to remember.
The idea behind it is that each student studies in their own way and some like to study at 4 am and others at 11 pm. Our task is to facilitate their learning styles.

What is it?
You assign all the instruction as homework. You do that by creating online powerpoints/ Googleslides/ Youtube videos.

Class is now freed up for processing and applying all that explicit learning through (fun) activities which can also include writing assignments if you follow the TBA method.


Blended learning involves moving all of the assignments to an online environment such as Google Forms through which students submit their work to you whenever they are ready to do them. Wouldn't they then copy each others work? Yes, sometimes but after a few times of copying fellow students will them off. Better still, students who cooperate with each other on assignments actually learn more efficiently.

Motivating for student: I have several really gifted students to whom I naturally assign different tasks to, but just the other day I had one girl whom I had overlooked for all this time now, come to me and ask a question about one of the 'AP English tasks'. Turned out her English reading skill was years ahead of the others as well. We are talking about a Year 10 (aged 14-15) doing a Year 12/ sixth form (age 17-18) Reading exam. These students might be overlooked or never be challenged enough in a regular classroom.

It creates an oasis of time and peace and quiet in the classroom environment. Students with questions join your 'instruction' table but students who want to watch Youtube are left alone (ostracised) to do so. Other students work together on your class assignments. Students are motivated to do their work because they do not want to fail their upcoming tests. My stock reaction is usually: "If you want to prepare for your test by numbing your mind with useless junk, so be it."  Most of the times I have very little planning to do because I have already set out goals and tasks for several weeks worth. This is the ultimate interpretation of Piaget's view on language learning. (Expert- task-child).

Creating a Google/MS Class Notebook for each grade sux  :P. I get assigned 20-30 hours for it but in reality we are talking about 20x 52 weeks= roughly 100 hours. Extremely time consuming and you can't delegate it to support staff because you need an experienced ESL expert view on this during the whole process.
You have to keep track of everyone's progress.
You have to be an expert in knowing when to look impressed, pleased, disappointed without hurting the student too much. Shaming students publicly is counter-productive to your role as Guru-like expert. This is btw. why I think it would fit Korea so well, because of this Confucian emphasis on the teacher-student relationship.
Requires self-reflective skills from you and the students (Koreans might be bad at this).
Requires expert communicative skills when forming your message with pin-point accuracy. Knowledge of stages of grief, of group dynamics, of 1-to-1 conversations, Eriksons etc. You lead by example and quite often that means talking about your own fears, doubts, vulnerabilities and insecurities.
Google docs/Forms would probably require you to buy a monthly subscription to have 100s of students access your free account to watch their Grammar / class presentations.
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