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Author Topic: Theory of the 6 roles of the Teacher  (Read 298 times)

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Theory of the 6 roles of the Teacher
« on: June 03, 2018, 05:27:14 PM »
There are many similar ideas on this very subject but this one is aimed broadly at your attitudes as a teacher of any subject within the context of a public school.

1) Host -Welcome your students with a smile (no matter how you might feel about them that very moment)

2) Presenter Present your lesson aims/ topic with flair

3) Instructor (Latin: didacticus) 7 core principles having to do with teaching

4) Coach Assisting students who get stuck on items such as reading or writing essays

5) Pedagogue An agogue is a person who changes behaviour, in this sense it is a person who 'leads' or 'teaches' young people. You are also there to create a safe learning environment in which students can feel 'seen' and accepted without the fear of harsh punishments. This includes calling people names, or shaming them in public for misbehaving or even worse: punishing the entire class for the mistake of one member. These punishments create a very unsafe environment in which students can not trust you as a fair person.

6) Closing This part gets overlooked often but is proven to be the most important one. You should always create this time of calm reflection and summarising of learning aims and check if your lesson has been successful.
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