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Author Topic: Urgent! Seeking English tutors for North Korean Refugees in Seoul!  (Read 365 times)

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URGENT! We are seeking English tutors to teach 1:1 English to North Korean Refugees in the Seoul area!

Join us for the Track 1 Orientation on either Sat, May 12th OR Sun, May 13th at 2 PM at the TNKR Office (located near Gwangheungchang Station, Line 6). Those who have successfully completed orientation and have submitted the required application documents will be invited to the following Matching Session (Sun, 5/20 at 2 PM).

* Commitment: Minimum 3 months / twice a month (per refugee) / 90 minutes per session
* First preference are for those who can tutor at these locations: TOZ Centers (Sinchon, Jongro, & Gangnam), TNKR Office
* ENGLISH in English ONLY!
* Must be living in Korea
* Must be efficient at using Kakao Messenger

This opportunity is great for those who would like to give back to the community while also gaining additional adult-teaching experience. We are looking for serious volunteers who are willing to respect the privacy of the refugees and provide to them a safe learning environment.

Apply here:

E-mail us with your questions at Casey Lartigue Jr. and Janice Kim



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Re: Urgent! Seeking English tutors for North Korean Refugees in Seoul!
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