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Author Topic: Who is the most successful current or former English teacher that you have perso  (Read 1900 times)

Offline hangook77

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I'd say myself.  :police:

Due to connections, I'm currently saving around 5K a month.  :P

Just like how Michael Jackson thought he was white, you have to think that you're Korean 8)
(You have to be able to speak it first, of course. Don't be a lazy dotard and only speak English your whole time here).

Let's face it, you're probably that one fat dude I saw outside of burger king last Saturday in Itaewon, but we can change that. First, you don't go to burger king.  You go to mom's touch.  :rolleyes:

I'm gonna show you how I got to where I am today.  :wink:

Basically, I live with my gf (she's a CEO of her own freelancing company), drive her porsche, do a lot of side gigs (tutoring your girlfriend's sister), and work at a club (now I don't mean that one club all the foreigners be promoting in Hongdae). I'm talking the real clubs where that anime hosting sh*t you watched while in middle school like a 'lil sasquatch lookin' madafaka is a reality. I tell you what, a lot of clients can give you the world if you just bite your tongue and do some other weird az shyt (you're probably used to biting your tongue working at a hagwon anyways, buddy).

Just put your mind to it and you can achieve it. Hope you get there someday bro. Just stay positive, we're all gonna make it.  ;D

You let your girl work as a club girl?  She's given the world?  (Not unless she's giving something in return.)  If she drives a porche and is rich, I guess you can set up and live comfortably. 

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I really couldn't say as I have never seen any of my former colleagues teach.