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Author Topic: Hagwons/recruiters wanting passport picture and Arc picture sent with resume  (Read 619 times)

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Is this common in Korea. Personally I would never send a picture of my passport picture by email, but what about the ARC card? Is there really anything too valuable with the ARC card that  can steal my identity in korea? Im more worried about the arc number.

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I know EPIK ask for photocopies of the arc and passport.  So I would trust them as they work with public schools here in Korea.  However, just some rando recruiter that you found off of criaglist I would be a little more wary of.  However, most Koreans know it's nationwide offense to use another person's arc or id number without their consent.  If you feel uneasy ask them if it's okay to block out the last 7 numbers.  Or research that recruiter more on google to make sure they have a good reputation. 

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It is normal to ask for these documents and more when applying for jobs in Korea.  This allows the employer to check that you were, in fact, in Korea for the time you said you were AND that you are from one of the approved countries.

If you don't trust them with this information now, then how can you trust anything they say at all?

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Also its a way to see your picture without asking for one, which is now illegal.

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I think it's a sneaky way to find out your age without asking. Asking age is no big deal here, but they know in western culture, it's not a good thing. That way, they have one more thing to consider you for shortlisting. Those of you younger teachers out there should not worry to much if that is the case. We older ones do have age against us. I shudder every time an interviewer asks me my age or my birth date. Passport and ARC can give them that info.
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As others have said it's a sneaky way to ask your age and see a real picture. It also helps to confirm your seriousness in applying for a job. If an applicant doesn't have a passport, there is a good chance he or she isn't too committed to working abroad, and certainly won't be available for any ASAP postings.