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Author Topic: harassment leads to call for more women in management.  (Read 5789 times)

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Re: harassment leads to call for more women in management.
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There will never be a completely level playing field as we all have different talents, levels of intellect, some of us use logic, others emotions so equality of opportunity will never be 100%.

Yes it's funny how issues of inequality only ever seem to focus on a few forms - race, gender and sexual orientation when there are loads of others you could bring up. Age, attractiveness, nationality, height, regionality (accent) intelligence, background, parental situation, hair colour, siblings etc.. etc.. the list is endless.
It’s all about taking from those “with” and giving to those “without”.

Who is John Galt?
Ayn Rand? Most teenagers grow out of their fascination with her "philosophy."

You don’t need to be an acolytes of Objectivism to understand the point. If you try to take too much from the “haves” they will stop providing.

It is why communism fails.

It is why divorced men move to Jurisdictions with no reciprocal agreements.
I don't think the haves are hurting. The bigger concern is when the have nots get fed up, like in Iran. There are a whole lot more have nots than there are haves.

Marriage problems? This might help:

It’s not a matter of the haves hurting, but the diminishing returns of being productive.

Oh... Thanks, but avoiding divorce wasn’t an option for me... except perhaps by homicide. I’d be out now.