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Author Topic: ESL Teachers in Inchon/Suwon (Elementary school After school program)  (Read 360 times)

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Good day!

We have 12 elementary schools for after-school program in Kyongkido and Inchon.

Location: suwon, Inchon)

Teacher: Native speakers

Start date: March, 2017

Working hours: 11:00~ 5:00pm(Depends on School schedule and 120 hours per month)

Teaching Age group: Elementary grade 1 ~ 6

Salary: 2.3~ 2.5 million won

Vacation: 5 days in Summer, 5 days in Winter

Working with one Korean teacher

Standard benefits: free housing, severance pay, 10 days paid vacation, medical insurance, National Pension.

E-mail addr : hsm0703@gmail.com


From Manager Han.


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