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Author Topic: Managerial position (교수 부장) -- Korean or Gyopo (Gimpo city)  (Read 432 times)

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Starting Date : March -- let us know when you can start
Student type: Kindergarten to elementary
Location : Gimpo city
Info. on the area:
Salary : 2.6 million won or higher - determined after the interview
Working Hours :
- MWF 9:00AM~7:30PM
- TTH 9:00AM~6:30PM
Work Days : Mon-Fri
Housing : Single or housing allowance of 300K won (let us know when you can start)
# of Foreign Teachers : 8
Vacation : 10 days
Airfare : One way
Severance Pay : Yes
Medical Insurance : Yes
Pension : Yes

How to apply:

Please e-mail us with your resume and picture.

Thank you.