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Author Topic: US Politics Megathread  (Read 8652 times)

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Re: US Politics Megathread
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Why did you leave out the last 12 years after the Obama years? 

There are ar least a few million. 
Since 2001 immigrants from Africa have increased by 70 percent.   Thatís from stinky pew research.  So itís probably more like 200 percent.

Region  2014         % of total    2015        % of total   2016       % of total     Increase% in 2016
Americas   398,069    39.16%       438,435     41.71%      506,901        42.83%       Increase    15.6%
Asia          430,508    42.35%       419,297     39.89%      462,299        39.06%       Increase    10.3%
Africa        98,413       9.68%       101,415      9.65%        113,426          9.58%       Increase    11.8%
Europe      83,266       8.19%         85,803      8.16%         93,567          7.90%       Increase     9.0%
Oceania     5,122        0.50%           5,404      0.51%           5,588          0.47%       Increase     3.4%
Unknown   1,150        0.11%              677     0.06%            1,724          0.14%       Increase  154.6%
Total   1,016,518    100%    1,051,031   100%      1,183,505         100%        Increase  12.6%

Here are a few more recent stats.
Immigration from Africa *is* increasing 113,000 in 2016, although it's still nothing compared to the number of immigrants they get from Latin America or Asia.  :undecided:

We should allow maybe 10,000 carefully selected immigrants every year not 1 million. 

Also we could allow more Africans than Asians, particularly Christians Africans to strengthen them against Muslim aggression.  Giving 2000 dollar per month jobs to people who make 50 a month puts us in the  position of king maker.

Also Europeans should be given a special treatment because they assimilate so well. 

I canít beleive that we have a lottery.  Itís sooo stupid.

it's chilling reading your posts.  like 1940's thinking all over again. 

apart from 'shiithole' countries, why anyone from Europe would relocate to 'third world america', is beyond me.

how do you live each day in Korea, with thoughts like this?

Thank you.

Yours make me sleepy.

When I went to Europe a lot of people that I met had dreams of moving to the US.    They perhaps like freedom, opportunity, etc...
I mean maybe itís  for the same reason that no one in the us hears about the Eu on the news, but Europeans canít seem to stop hearing about the us. 

I think that there is an old guard in Europe and not a lot of new money and opportunity.   If you are content in a sleepy village and being told what is ok to say, then stay. 

Hey thanks for using shithole to describe the countries.     Leftists often hide their roots. 

How did someone with the mouth of a sailor get a job teaching children?

as reading is not your strong suit, there is no need to push it any further, I wouldn't want to give you a breakdown.